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Best Social networking sites information
07Feb, 2018

Top Social Networking sites

Social network is such an idea that any kind of people on the earth could make contact through a chain without using any intermediaries. They use it to share their personal information, photos and videos.People use social networking site as personal or business endeavor. People use it to share their lives and interest to another people. The most popular social network sites are Facebook, twitter, google+ etc. These sites are used to interaction people. These social network sites and others also used for different business purposes.


Mark Zuckerberg creates the most popular social networking site. His creation known as Facebook. It is the largest social network in the world. These social networking site is such a platform that people use it free to their interaction between family, friends and colleagues.Mark Zuckerberg launched the Facebook on 4 February 2004.Firstly it was called “the”. That time the site was hit an instantly.

1: Now a day’s it is worth around $500 billion.

2: Per monthly $200 billion people use this site.

3:1 out of 7 people on the earth use it.

4: This site uses 37 different languages.

5: In online, it is the 2nd most visited site.

6: August 2009 it acquires the real time news countsite for friendfeed.

7: 1 February 2012 it officially filled for an IPO (initial public offering).

8: 845 million active users use it in a single day.

9: 2.7 billion likes and comments having daily at these site.

10: In January 2013 Facebook introduced grapic search for the users.


Twitter is such a social networking online service that allows his users to send and receive text based messages. These messages are known as tweets. The length of these messages were restricted to 140 characters. Now a day’s the length of these messages were changed. New update says that the limitation was doubled to 280 characters for all languages. Some people call it the virtual water cooler.

1: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz stone and Evan Williams were created twitter on March 2006 and launched it the same year in the July.

2: Twitter podcasting companies name was Odeo.

3: It was the most popular social networking site after Facebook and Myspace.

4: Twttr is the origin name of this project code.

5: On March 21,2006 Jack Dorsey posted the first tweet.

6: “Just setting up my twttr” is the first tweet of twitter.

7: 100 million users posted 340 million tweets per in 2012.

8: Twitter is so famous that 1.6 billion users search it per day.

9: It introduce her users to build photo sharing service in June 2011.

10: April 5 2011, twitter change their homepage

11: February 21,2012 twitter and Yandex agreed to a partnership.

.12: Mitro is a small password security code of twitter.

13: It has internationally famous for its logo.

14: The name of this logo is Mountain blue.


Google plus (Google+) is an another social networking site from google. The social networking site is made for the purpose of people that they can interact offline more closely than other services. Real life sharing rethought for the web is the main slogan of Google+.

1: June 2011 it was launched.

2: It is the fourt creation of google companies.

3: After launching it only two weeks it was reached 10 million users.

4: In 2013, 540 million active users use it.

5: In November 2015 google+ was redesign to make simpler for the user

6: Google released Google+ communities on December 6,2012.

7: In May 2015 Google+ launched collections feature which was inspired by Pinterest.