Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to terms and condition page of worldseoservice. We are one of the most effective SEO service providers in the digital market. Including terms and conditions on this page of the website, this is a legally binding contract for the client.  Please read carefully, bellowing terms and condition.


You have not permission using any part of our website content; it would be illegal and would take legal action. If anyone uses any information on our website, it does not be allowed. All terms by accessing the World SEO Service website, you are agreeing to bind our terms and condition as getting the service. So read and understood carefully about this agreement.


  • World SEO service providers have a worldwide, nontransferable, non-exclusive, revocable, limited license and strictly prohibited to make personal use of our website information.
  • World SEO service was able to terminate this license for any reason and anytime.
  • We do not offer any express of rights under any patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other information.
  • The world SEO service name logo and trademark could not be used without our written permission. But you can permit download on the website information for your personal and non-commercial use only.
  • It is provident that, you should not copy, alter, modify, download and transfer any materials of our website without our written permission.

Links to Other Websites:

Links to other website are used for your benefit. You could be linked to other site but we don’t control these site. World SEO Service doesn’t responsible for these content, materials, and other informationAnybody will not claim us for any damages and illegal issues of other websites. So we are not responsible for other link site’s illegal act.

Use Limitations of Site:

Agree that you are not using our site any harmful activities. Only use our data, content, device, software for the lawful purpose.  You can’t interfere with our website activities and will not take any action without any reason. You agree that you will not right to use any robot, spider, other automatic device or copy any confidential information, content etc without World SEO Service written permission.

Quote for Provision:

World SEO Service is valid for 7 days for supplied all quotes. During this provisional period, we can change via mail or fax, in writing.

 Commencement of Service:

  • World SEO Service will send requesting essential information about the work to clients. After, receipt of client’s work information, we will be started service within fixed date and fixed time.
  • Our service time is fixed but reasonable cause should be allowed. We are not liable to provide service for the delay with reason.

 Implementation of SEO Service:

  • World SEO guarantees the client we are able to search engine optimization on the first page in a period of time. After passing that time, if we are unable to reach the top of the ranking, then provide further optimization of Client’s website.
  • When client selects the keywords then we suggested about effective keywords to clients.
  • World SEO Service is not responsible for the Client overwriting work. For this reason, by condition, we offer more charge.
  • Smart SEO follows the strictly ethical SEO rules and will not follow any bans or search engine suspension. That’s are given below:
  1. Duplicate sites, content or pages, redirects or doorway pages.
  2. Link generate by any spanning techniques.
  3. Increased traffic or sales using illegal ways.
  4. hidden links
  5. automated website submission software or websites

World SEO Service is the effective best SEO service provider in Bangladesh. These terms have an important role for us and our clients both. Anytime we can change our terms and condition within the legal way.