Top 5 keyword Research Tools and grow up your business

14Feb, 2018

Top 5 keyword Research Tools

Do you know, Keywords are a very important element of any website that promotes products successfully with SEO? They have an important role getting high rank at your website in search engine optimization result. It helps to reach relevant users. It does find your website at the first page of search results, automatically chances of visitors coming across. A rate of coming audience becomes very low. That effect, data shows less than 10% of people browse the second page of search results. Keyword search ranking is an important fact to drive targeted web traffic to your business.

Keywords are particular words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries.”Page ranking is depending on keywords or phrases which must be the relevance of the content o on your website page. Select the right SEO keyword to build the foundation for SEO campaign and increases biggest traffic and revenue, its call search engine marketing. The right keywords can return the highest potential of the campaign being a success. Keyword targeted traffic is essential for audiences. How do we find the best keywords for your site?

Just, following below

  • At first, find Niche Keywords using Keyword Research Tool
  • Then select your Niche Keyword List
  • Finally, target how competitive your niche keyword phrases are.

Keyword Research Tools

Keyword targeting tools suggest which keywords your competitors are targeting for ranking. For ranking your site, try the following tools:

1. Google Keyword Planner :  

Google Keyword Planner is a focused version of the keyword research tool and People use it free. If you want to input keyword in search box Google Keyword Planner to find out related keywords.

Just input a keyword, multiple keywords, or your website address will show related keywords list. You can get more information about keyword which helps you take a right decision. Additionally, it can also help you choose competitive bids and budgets to use with your Ad Words campaigns.

As a keyword ranking tool using it, you can promote your business by targeted keyword. Obviously, your website shows at the top page in Google.

2. Keyword Tool: 

When using long tail keywords then keyword tool is perfect for you. It’s free but to entry, the CPC, search volume and competition must be pay. This tool show information based on Google, Bing, apple app store and Yahoo that best long tail keywords will be suggested.

3. Bing Webmasters Tools: 

Keyword information of Being Webmaster Tool has been taken from Bing. Here you can know about keyword popularity. But Google isn’t different from Bing users. All kind of keyword suggestion and volume depend on organic search. And Show data based on the past six months.

4. Internet Marketing Ninjas: 

Internet Marketing Ninjas is helped to find common keyword list that used in searches for different websites. It’s a free tool and can generate a big list of search queries. This is very informative tools which develop your site.

5. Uber Suggest: 

Uber Suggest is a general keyword research tool that able to gives enough more long tail keyword by adding letters at the end of the query. It suggests more long tail keyword for using your niche sites. The tool is simple and informative. Uber Suggest is very user-friendly also.