Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a legal statement that discloses the ways which the company use to collect information from its visitors. On the other hand we say that, a privacy policy is such a thing that how an organization handling their customer or clients information. strongly believes to their client privacy. We ensure our client that your privacy is very important for us. So we promise our clients to protect your privacy. We confidently say that we do not sell your personal information to outside parties. We recommend our clients that when you need our services please read our privacy policy terms. Then contact us what you want from our website.

What kinds of information do we collect:

We collect different types of information from our clients or customers on our sites. When the clients visit our sites they provide two types of information, including

  1. Personal information.
  2. Technical information.

Personal Information:

Personal information means that information which provide us our clients when they visit our site. For that we can easily identify him. Personal information including clients name, postal address, email address, phone number which they provide formal business purposes.

Technical or non- personal information:

We also collect non personal information from our clients. Technical information such as we collect

    1. visitors IP address,
    2. what type of browser operating system you may use to visit our site,
    3. What type of domain and hosting you access to the internet
    4. What is the exact time and date you visit our site,
    5. What type of pages on our site you visit,
    6. What type of cookies you send when you viewing a website,
    7. Exact geographic location on your device etc.

Disclosures of client personal information:

We have a policy that strictly prohibited to disclosure client information any outside or any third parties. It’s our general rules that we may not disclose customer’s personal information to anyone. For those purpose we may disclose client’s information:

  1. If a court order or any investigation.
  2. If the necessity of our visitor’s safety.
  3. If the necessity to establish the legal truth.

For all that purposes we disclose our client’s information.

Protection of personal information: takes strong action to protect client personal information. We strongly protect client information for that any third parties could not stole or misuse of our client’s information. For protection we use security measure code. We firstly told our clients to read the term and condition we use about our site. If the clients agree then we say him to enter his\her personal information in our site. If a client leaves our sites we are not responsible for his information that he provides our site. After leaving our site then we are not responsible if any third party use your information


We contain links to other websites. We included the list of how many site the clients may use the links. We are not responsible for these purpose. If you have interested any third party we recommend you to contact them directly.

Important note for children’s privacy:

If the children’s age is under 13, they are not eligible to visit our site about our underage restriction policy. Unfortunate if it comes to our attention that an underage user publishes his personal information through our site we will take action on him. We will discontinue all communication with him.

Privacy Policy Updates:

We may change’s our privacy policy at any time for any reason. When we correction our policy then we may also notify you by email. We may also update our new privacy policy by posting in our own site. We ensure the date that we last updated the new privacy policy then the clients easily notice it. If there is any privacy issues or discrepancy, feel free to email us at We have ultimate respect for your copyright and privacy.